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Mac is not a PC, GoGreen PC TuneUP is for PCs

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Thursday, January 17, 2019

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Many questions are appearing about the GoGreen PC TuneUp on the Mac. For all those mac enthusiasts, this is for you. A Mac(intosh)(1) is not a PC(2). I know the difference and respect that. I respect Mac users and when they come calling for help, I just tell them to buy new. For a PC user, that is different. It depends. There is wiggle room for repair versus replace.
Why this article? The downloads of the GoGreen PC TuneUp from a Macintosh OS X platform are appearing. I like the interest from Mac users but Mac's are not really PCs. The hardware is definitely from and for a different type of user.
The GoGreen PC TuneUp is all about PCs and while 3 of the key features in the utility can be applied across the board on all computing, the PC is the focus for now.
While the PC has predominantly led the industry outside the graphics, video and typesetting realm where the Mac has been the leader, that has slowly changed. For every 1000 PCs I see, there is one Mac. That is different in different regions of the country, coffee shops, universities and colleges. I get it. My neighbors have PCs, not Macs. In other neighborhoods that would be different. Our school districts have different computing needs where a PC is predominant for business activities other than the print shop, journalism, videography, news reporting and weather casting, and the like.

Is the usability and performance of a Mac better than a PC? That depends on the user. For example, I can drive just about anything under 25,000 pounds gross vehicle weight but over that I am a little hesitant. My drivers license shows endorsements for motorcycles which a lot of folks don't have nor care to get.
Just like a motorcycle, a Mac is just that, specific to a type of user who knows and cares about a difference in performance, expected results, and behaviors. 
A PC is more widely accepted because of market awareness, training, acceptance, and overall support-ability. 
I like Macs for as far as I can afford to have one. Whereas the pricing for each is different; a Mac is $1000-$2500, a PC is $350-$1000. Same gear, same hardware, different OS, different development design & development team, similar output, just a different price.
Between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, who won? Neither, each has paid each other handsomely over the years to stay out of court and to compete in the market. If it were not for computing, i would be either a meteorologist, musician or architect.
If it were not for PCs, I would not be writing this article on an abandoned and repaired Alienware Aurora with 500GB SSD, 2TB Firecude, 16GB DDR3 RAM, dual DVD BlueRay drives, and two monitors, 25 inch HP 25vx and a 32 inch wide Vizio monitor, running Windows 10 Professional (64 bit), Office 2019 Professional, all of that costs about $800 that would have set me back a pretty penny over 10 years ago. 
The GoGreen PC TuneUp is all about PCs and while 3 of the key features in the utility can be applied across the board on all computing, the PC is the focus for now.
more to come...
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