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Life and Times in Winnemuca Nevada from 1997 to 2002

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Monday, July 8, 2002

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In Oct 22, 1997 - landed in Winnemucca, Nevada
somewhere in this between a lot happened. let me bullet the highlights as I mentally go around the city in my mind and all the good and bad places I enjoyed or not so enjoyed:
It was 1 year before relocating and moving to Winnemucca, I met with a future business colleague c/o of my father in law, and we met and chatted at the Red Lion restaurant and discussed computer store details. It then took me 1 year to unwind myself from Microsoft and sell my first home in Snohomish Washington as a promise to retire and leave Microsoft.  What happened next was very eventful. for those in Winnemucca still this can be quite interesting.
1. got divorced within 3 months of arrival, sort of outlandish but real.
2. started a business in 1998
3. back and forth to Arizona, twice in the next 4 years
4. found love, lost love twice
5. traveled to Maui
6. worked on some cool projects, developed 21 applications, 1mil lines of code
7. worked at a few ISPs connected to Reno (T1 upstream), DesertLinc, The-OnRamp
8. helped the local hospital (HGH)
9. trained a lot of people a training computer center (MCs)
10. had a kids computer camp for a few summer sessions
11. loved the local library
12. traveled home to Ashland Oregon a few times across US 140
13. had two houses (5069 Snowy Mountain, 1928 Scott Street)
14. worked at a few casinos
15. enjoyed Rye Patch Reservoir (once)
16. wrote some government software that still runs today
17. wrote some website e-commerce that still runs today
18. raised two dogs (Cheyenne & Dakota), and Nester that Cat
19. traveled to Portland a few times to see future ex (weird)
20. went to a few college friends weddings (weird)
21. trained a lot of state employees on MS Access
22. neighbors were fun. partied a lot. some neighbors were no fun at all.
23. enjoyed winters and summers
24. Winnemucca mountain interesting
25. went to the mines to work (once)
26. loved the local library (had a library card)
 27. radio station was cool. did a lot of streaming technology for them via the local isp
28. the local football groups were cool
29. the local swimming pool at lowry high was cool
30. the convention center was nice
31. there was a print shop (humboldt printing) that was good
32. the post office was interesting
33. grass valley was near an had weird street signs (sort of like Patrick)
34. local baptist church as nice (Pastor Bob good)
35. golf course was fun (Pro Golfer Bill was funny)
36. Real estate companies were good (Harold H and Terry M)
37. local breakfast & mexican restaurant always fun (Jose @ Las Margaritas, David @ The Griddle)
38. coffee shop was good (Patty H.)
39. 44 hours softball tournament always fun
40. Paradise Valley Fireman's BBQ summer event always fun
41. local furniture store good (phillips)
42. local accounting firm good (swensen)
43. bowling alley always fun
44. Orovada and Kings River was really nice
45. working on the computers for the cat houses was interesting
46. lots of my friends always found a way to meet up at The Martin
47. the hay association was a great group
48. the parks were nice
49. day trips to Reno and Elko were interesting
50. last but not least, experiencing 9/11 was memorable from Winnemucca
concepts created there:
a. Talk til your tired concept created, capture audio voice of the oldies & folk, history 
b. PC training manuals created
c. DNS-less OLEDB SQL perfected
d. SEO perfected
e. ISP DNS knowledge perfected
f. hot tub chemical balancing perfected
In July 8, 2002 -- departed Winnemucca Nevada
more to come...

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