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Windows 10 minimum specifications, Windows 7, 8 end of life...

Microsoft Windows

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Thursday, January 17, 2019

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So the Windows 10 upgrade folks who have Windows 7, Vista (really?) and Windows 8.1... are appearing at my desk and also calling on the telephone. If you have Windows 8.x or less, might as well do it all now if you can choose to make the leap. I hope Microsoft has stopped the non-sense with upgrade updates that cause havoc for both 10 and 7. I am bewildered at some of the chaos they have created in the past 2 years.
So the Windows 10 minimum specifications update upgrade Q&A are:
0. Will my laptop support Windows 10, and how much?
1. So the retail price is ___? you fill in the blank and its based on some conditions. The labor is $100 to load and configure. The license cost is variable depending on your provider. Some bring me the license with the laptop and some have me get it for them.
2. The minimum Windows 10 specifications (I recommend are) : Dual Core 2.0Ghz processor or higher, 4GB DDR3 RAM or higher, 500GB HDD (hard drive) or higher. some folks are bringing me laptops from the pawn shop that are priced about $150 and wanting to upgrade. that's fine. we just need to look at the licensing options.
 Windows 10 1809.png
 3. The best options are:, go to Walmart, Best Buy, B&H, Office Depot, Costco, and get a sale discount special for twice the machine for $350-$450, standard 1 year OEM warranty.
4. If you need your data and stuff transferred, great, we can do that. Also, how are you doing backups? While you get a laptop for that price, pickup a 2TB external backup drive for $75-85 so we can transfer your stuff, setup your backups and let you get back to life.
I should slip this in the front of my upcoming book How to Tame your PC and Data... due out in a few days.
 Windows 10 Logo.svg
more to come...

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