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NGINX, will it go public in 2018? maybe, no, yes 2019/2020?

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Monday, January 7, 2019
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I am just guessing, but talk about when I guessed Google going public 1 year before it did. I should have dropped $75k on Google at IPO.  I guessed at 10 others in the last 20 years.. and hit those.. let's see. i hate speculation, but solid activity and analyzing gives us great insights into where is the innovation based on funding and solid innovation like NGINX.
Will Nginx go public in 2018? maybe. it's private now, but the writing on the wall says going public soon. Goldman Sachs thinks so as a Series C funding leader in mid-2018. see in red history below..
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fair use attribution //  /// copy and pasted from Wikipedia.. just in case wikipedia deletes some stuff.. we have wayback machine too, but then again the whole story for analysts might be... the following:  "

Igor Sysoev began development of Nginx in 2002.[9] Originally, Nginx was developed to solve the C10k problem, and to fill the needs of websites including Rambler search engine and portal, for which it was serving 500 million requests per day by September 2008.[45]

A company of the same name was founded in July 2011 by Sysoev to provide commercial products and support for the software.[46]

The company's principal place of business is San Francisco, California, while legally incorporated in British Virgin Islands.[10]

In October 2011, Nginx raised $3 million from BV Capital, Runa Capital and MSD Capital, Michael Dell's venture fund.[47]

The company announced commercial support options for companies using Nginx in production. Nginx offered commercial support in February 2012,[48][49] and paid Nginx Plus subscription in August 2013.[50]

Support packages focus on installation, configuration, performance improvement, etc.[51] Support includes proactive notifications about major changes, security patches, updates and patches.

WordPress developer Automattic Inc. and content delivery network provider MaxCDN became funding partners for an update to Google's SPDY version 3.1, slated for early 2014.[52]

Nginx also offers consulting services to assist customers in custom configuration or adding additional features.[53]

In October 2013, Nginx raised a $10 million series B investment round led by New Enterprise Associates.[54] That round included previous investors, as well as Aaron Levie, CEO and founder of Box.com.[55][56]In December 2014, Nginx raised a $20 million series B1 round led by New Enterprise Associates, with participation from e.ventures (formerly BV Capital), Runa Capital, Index Ventures and Nginx's own CEO Gus Robertson.[57][58]

In October 2017 Nginx Inc. announced general available Nginx Amplify SaaS providing monitoring and analytics capabilities for Nginx.[59]

In September 2017, Nginx announced an API Management tool, NGINX Controller which would build off of their API Gateway, NGINX Plus.[60][61]

In June 2018 Nginx raised $43 Million in Series C Funding in a round led by Goldman Sachs "to Accelerate Application Modernization and Digital Transformation for Enterprises".[62]


more to come...

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