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So you want to write a book?

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Monday, January 7, 2019

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Its January 2019, so, now I have had the opportunity to reach 50 people across my daily work and 1/2 of them want to write a book. I told them how easy it can be, and how fun it can be. Most of them just need a little nudge, patience, daring, and of course, reason for doing so.
After writing 3 of my own books, a 4th one due out, and sort of overdue, but hey, its my schedule, and I want it to get out to help people with what I do best.
I can tell you this; its not that hard to write. Procrastination is fine to a point. Writers block is a different thing. I don't actually believe in that thing called writers block, its just a way of saying, you need to step back and look at why and what you are doing.
here are my 3 steps (rule of 3 again, it might vary) to get started.
1. get your folder of thoughts and ideas out. if you don't have that folder, start one.
2. browse a library or book store at a microscopic and macroscopic level. do this lots of times. use your five or more senses to take it all in. do you want to be in that collection somehow, somewhere, sometime, forever?
3. find a place to think and doodle your thoughts. introspection 101. ask yourself lots of questions.
when you have those three things, give me a jingle or call and let me know where you stand. 775-525-2830 or email info@mountainpublishing.org
more to come...

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