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Anyone can sell a computer, not everyone can support, fix or design it

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Monday, January 7, 2019

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A friend just asked, "how can you let your work order form out in the public?"
Well, the answer is easy, anyone can sell a computer, but not everyone can support or fix it, let alone design it.
What we do is one thing to share, how we do it, well, there is some secret sauce to it. A colleague over at IQ Solutions, Steve C. once told me, there is secret sauce in how we do what we do. I am sure you have the same, otherwise your competition would be equal or better.
I for one, love to continually learn and share, and while others hoard and protect, there is value in a balance of both, profit to a point of goodness and good will, and then there is greed which ends terribly for some when karma comes a knockin.
Learn more bout our work order form at.
Our Go Green PC Tune UP is the same; we do a lot of things, and while it can be done manually, one should automate where they can. Its the same with staffing; automate where you can and have manual help where you want flexibility. It's hard to reprogram sometimes, whereas, retraining team members can be easier if there is quality controls and feedback loops to ensure consistency under controlled changes.
more to come..

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