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Go Fund Me, Advanced seoDNS Research

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, January 5, 2019
View Count: 420, Keywords: go fund me, GFM, DNS, SEO, Research, Hashtags: #gofundme #GFM #DNS #SEO #Research

Looking at research funding methods past our alpha phase. going into beta and looking for collaborators.
we found GoFundMe as a opportunity to reach out for funding our efforts. KickStarter was interesting.
based on the research from https://www.crowdfunding.com/
more to come...
Our funded research will provide the results and tools needed to take clients and the public to the next generation of the Internet for business and home.

This funding will be used over the next year to complete the innovation of a framework that will deliver ongoing tools and research on the state of the Internet in terms of DNS and SEO usability and stability, performance and optimization. After this year, additional gofundme plans and goals will be launched.

For 25 years, since 1993, when the Internet became publicly available, startups like Netscape, AltaVista, Google, Open DNS, and the like had an idea about organizing data.

Today, there is so much data and streaming bloat, there must be a revised methodology to demonstrate where organizations can improve their inbound and outbound communications, and do so without clogging up the Internet and the clients computing devices; mobile, PCs, Servers, Network Appliances, Blades, Cloud, etc.

We look forward to your contact and support. In good faith, reasonable and prudent guidance and decision making, the funding and research will be appropriately used to expand and accelerate our mission and vision of an next, the third generation of it called Internet³.

For more information.

Business Relations @ businessrelations@mountaincomputers.org
Technical inquiry @  developersupport@mountaincomputers.org

Reciprocal NDAs encouraged.

Angels looking for a unicorn inquire directly at 775-287-9552. The alpha phase is nearly complete and the beta phase is at hand.

Usage and terms of the research and tools with solid results subject to agreements.

There are multiple forms of public versus private access to findings in accordance with GFM TOS.

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