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2019, strategically changing directions, world is full of wonder

Published: Thursday, January 3, 2019 written by Andy Flagg
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Keywords: changing directions, world of wonder

Its funny, when you want to change directions a little or a lot, the world is always full of wonders. Those that rely on predictability and those that don't want you to change and those that embrace change and flow with it.
I am the latter for the most part in terms of systems, and the constant reliable for the other part in terms of the go to person.
What really matters is if one is happy. I am very happy. Am I fully satisfied? It comes and goes but the cup of my life is definitely half full and filling. Others I run into often look at the glass half empty and are frustrated.
Happy 2019. The last year of 2018 was filled with amazing challenges and successes.
Mark your calendars and keep helping others and bringing to light great things and kick to the curb drama and those not in the mood to be helpful. I love a great opportunity and challenge if it is for a great cause.
Blessings to All.
more to come...

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