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Feelings, Facts, Mathematics in discussions (twitter)

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Monday, December 31, 2018

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Its' ironic how many people don't do mathematics when it comes to a discussion and a decision. on Twitter, some feel like fighting when in one side is armed with facts and feelings versus another side with just feelings, the discussion ergo the feelings based argument and debate is mute. so you feel this way, great, then back it up with facts. if you don't believe in that, then ideology is great.
when others, when they act on feelings and values rather than facts, and opening their minds to new learning, and new information, and adopting and shifting the ground underneath their feet.
yesterday in twitter, so many had feelings about our government and what's happening, and I said, facts are stronger than feelings. your feelings can come and go, but a fact is a fact. once you accept the fact, then you can adjust your feelings appropriately, and then adjust your values to adopt, dismiss or modify.
interesting... law of averages, bell curve, percentages, these all are important, where someone says, well 40% does this and that your come back is even stronger that 60% make your point. I'll take those odds, 60 over 40.
more to come...

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