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inventing, prototyping environment

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Monday, December 24, 2018

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so, for years, people ask me how do I learn this and that. well, i don't pay thousands of dollars and weeks to go to some class to get a certificate. I have seen those around me do that, and while it seems fun, and they get their certificate, they don't apply it very well, or at least learn what is necessary to do the job.
maybe folks just get the training and certificate because of the job, to get away from the boss, to enjoy a trip and vacation away from work, and burn some company resources.
for me, when someone goes to training, they have an objective, a goal, and mission, in the training and certification. they actually have a problem(s) to solve.
i realize some learn differently, some read, write, listen, recite, memorize, etc. there are studies on this, and I know for me, applied theory is the best. take an idea, figure it out and how it can be solved, and simply get a prototype, research for the best of the best in how to achieve it at the lowest cost, highest results, and safest, quickest, supportable solution that everyone can use, appreciate, support and grow from... whew.. breath.. long sentence.
so, let's share some basics
1. create a testing learning area.
2. have your tools readily available
3. know and let everyone to stay out unless invited
4. have a log book, keep notes (inventors, reduce liabilities and preserve work notes)
5. don't get interrupted if possible
6. do it daily
7. make small achievements towards the big achievement
8. give yourself a break
9. see how something can be used everywhere
10. be thankful you can do all these things. be grateful
more to come.

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