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check randomness function

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Thursday, December 20, 2018

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i was trying to randomly walk a 156GB database and randomly go through millions and millions of records, so I decided to see if you this randomness function would work without salting the rnd generator, it worked... , given an upper bound, my upper bound row id was 1526763840.. so try this.. 
        'check randomness function
        Debug.Print("randomness function test")
        Dim r
        Dim x
        For x = 1 To 1000
            r = CInt(Math.Ceiling(Rnd() * 1526763840) + 1)
            Debug.Print(x & vbTab & r)
 correction: use this in place of the r = line above
            'r = CInt(Math.Ceiling(Rnd() * maxDBrecords) + 1)
            Static Generator As System.Random = New System.Random()
            r = Generator.Next(1, maxDBrecords)
            'as long as r is within bounds
more to come.

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