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leaders, university and college presidents, good bad and ugly

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Monday, December 17, 2018

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i was going through my alma mater history the other day, OIT  (Oregon Tech) from 1947 through 1976, Winston Purvine and his legacy and other presidents that followed, and then recalled my work at UNR (Nevada, Reno) and President's I served and got to know and listen to..
here is my list and how I grade them. notice there are not alot of A's in the group. Just B grade leaders. Is it perception of them versus the environment and the times. from a student, student employee, and employee's perspective. don't take things too out of context.. just an opinion based on direct observation, not much feedback from the public and staff at large, just first impressions, instincts and continued observations over time..
Winston Purvine, A+, tough as nails, focused, hard working, determined (1940-1970s)
Larry Blake, B+, tough, jolly, undermined (1980s)
Lawrence Wolfe, B-, casual, didn't really want the job, but did it. (1990s)
Chris Maples, B, cool, funny, quasi-leader type but definitely trying (2000s)
the new guy... B,  seems okay, we'll see hope he does the globalization thing properly. (2010s)
Joe Crowley, B+, lots of years, very much liked, easy going, maybe too easy going (1960/70s-2000)
Lily, B-, focused, interesting to watch, undermined, (late 90's early 2000s
Glick, C+, definitely liked, under-powered, stressed, over his head, (middle to late 2010s
Johnson, B+, prepared, finished look, a little smug, distanced, (late 2010 to now)

I know I have always been a solid B student, working harder than A students, born and raised on a wood spoon, not a silver spoon. A student take paper tests well, and get by through connections and probably turn out better than most, but where you start often determines how far you rise and level off. There are superstars, unicorns, and that is usually where preparedness meets opportunity with a lot of luck in between.
being a leader is more about being obvious about your intentions, vision, mission and goals, and keeping your scorecard available for all to see.. having more wins than losses, lots of games played in life, earned more respect and truth in honesty versus being tricky, guile and sneakiness and trying to outwit and out game the system.
what does your resume, CV, and scorecard say about you? it's not about titles, its not about popularity, its about good work, done fairly, represented honestly, and helps people and not self serving and selfish in nature..
more to come..

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