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this is how ssl encrypt our websites
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README | Blog Purpose & Legal Disclaimer

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Tuesday, May 3, 1966

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THIS IS MY README.TXT / Andrew Jackson Wilson aka Andrew Robert Flagg or just Andy Flagg

note: typically this is at the bottom of the blog yet the first of the year I bring it to the top for a few days.

EPIPHANY! So, I finally got tired of the Blog technologies out there and had to write my own Blog software. I looked up all the blog technologies and realized, I could do better and actually have control over the blog engine if I wrote it myself. 

So, on September 1st 2018 I started writing it and finished it a few days ago on November 21st 2018. It was back in February 2017 I needed to do something like this for an executive to help him with his personal online reputation. It took me like 1 year to get around to it, because I already had the formula in my head and the ingredients already collected and tested over time, like since 2006, and then had to get it finally done. Will I use it to get this exec's reputation fixed? Not sure. Not yet. If it's worth it, maybe.

I have used it on like 350 client websites and it works.. it just works. don't over think it google, but then again, the leaders in charge of some technologies are about innovation at first, and then it becomes greed (not all of them, but the ones that pillage our privacy and our sense of right for their bottom line) yet we do need to pay the bills. I get it. Just don't sell your soul to have a few multi-million dollar mortgages and three 6 car garages, and a yacht, and jet.

Ethics: When most of these execs started out that had benevolence in mind, but something happened bad.. they allowed bad to creep in and a lack of honesty. we all have had that happen and all we can do is try to do better in time, sooner than later. warn those that are bending us and tell them to stop that... if you know what i mean.

 Why not just have a search engine that works, that is not biased and not filled with ethical violations that any good neighbor or citizen would never violate. It's all about pride and greed...

Now this is the coolest blog technology out there. Time to package and license it.

Note: this methodology and technology is based on my 21 years of lean database design and lean application development, and information security. Good stuff. More to come....

Next Steps:

#1 finish graphic engine, right now, link embeds versus bulk drive image engine

#2 add reporting for engine statistics, right now raw SQL

TERMS AND CONDITIONS, COPYRIGHT AND TRADEMARK, AND READER INSTRUCTIONS:For those interested and those giving feedback, this is a future autobiography resource. Capturing all the relevant experiences from a vast array of sources with attribution is always nice. Many of the opinions and information shared are not the expressed opinions and written views of Mountain Computers Inc.

 Our blogs are to adhere to our policies and procedures on protected speech and protection of privacy and against invasion of privacy, copyright and trademark is properly acknowledged as well as attribution. If you believe these is an error, please contact support@mountaincomputers.org regarding anything that needs to be fixed.

Attribution is done when appropriate, and anyone can suggest a modification and edit to help the reader and viewer better understand the content of any blog content.

TRICK TO FILTER THIS BLOG:  Click on the Black Inverted Subject Category Tag to filter and find relevant articles by category. click on menu Blog item to reset and start over.

We were on WIX? Yes, our blog at WIX was a test to see how search engines would catalog a WIX blog and they did not. Obviously, you want to have your blog cataloged and searchable, right? We have found WIX to probably be the future given the fact that Search Engine spiders either need to get smarter or data streams need to be better aligned with as in our Project Search 43 is defining and testing.

Thank you, the moderator and librarian...Andrew Flagg aka Drew Jackson

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 More to come...



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