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Face the State | 2 News at 5PM on Climate Change

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Sunday, December 16, 2018
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I believe in a healthy Earth. Describe how that can occur? Can we harm or help that goal?

I like the conversation on Climate Change that we had on Face The State | 2 News at 5PM.
As a leader, I always ask, can I see the data that led you to this conclusion. If one tells you its too complicated to explain the data, well, then question and guard yourself against those that have bad intentions in their reporting.
Let's just look at some basic questions and topics on the subject:
1. Water Cycle | can we control it or just watch?
2. Forest Growth and Fires | can we control that to prevent loss of life?
3. Data to Support #1 and #2 exists?
4. 10-20-30-40-50-100 years of industrial revolution and the automobile. is that new?
5. massive population growth and food supply. methane increase by waste?
what is quite a while? quantify coral reef restoration naturally?
These are some thoughts for Steph McAfee, UNR Assistant Professor in Climatology. I liked how she carefully couched her suggestions and prefaced her words.
it's not complicated. just peel back the problem(s) and keep in check the opinion(s) of all those involved whatever their motivation.
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as a farmer, I believe in lots of good things for our agriculture for a healthy farm and field..for me, I have been on the Washoe-Storey Conservation  District board for a few years and really enjoyed how we try to tackle the problems responsibly, with the grants and funds appropriately to manage and steward our God given lands and nature.
more to come...

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