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this is how ssl encrypt our websites
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AppFabric - symmetric bandwidth 1Gb/s or higher

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Sunday, December 16, 2018

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okay, there is more and more application fabric WAN chatter lately, yet the crux with any business is on premise network symmetric with the WAN and globe. if i had affordable symmetric bandwidth life choices for IT solutions would be different.
define affordable? in terms of like price per gigabyte like hard drives or in terms of network bandwidth, the down is easy, its the up that gets you. In Phoenix the FTTC is real for the home at ~$100/month but I wonder if that is curbed somehow. ISPs don't want to lose customers to cable Internet companies, but then again, WIFI is fast and getting faster, and meshed but what about your cloud hybrid apps; be warned! layer your security like you should using the ISO TCP/IP 7 layer model (something like that)..
"With CloudGenix SD-WAN, businesses can confidently integrate the cloud, take advantage of broadband Internet, improve application performance, gain actionable insights into app and WAN performance and health, and reduce WAN and branch office costs." -- c/o Melissa Anderson @ https://bit.ly/2UPfmsU
 i recall our network at Redundant with a a bi-coastal solution and whereas east cost Raleigh Triangle Research Park we had one side and in Reno Tahoe Tech Center our west coast side. Melissa's territory is really good good except for Hurricane threats but that can be alleviated with wider territory hot and warm solutions, and for the rest of us, the west coast same. Texas seems to be the safest in terms of seismic or atmospheric threat avoidance other than political challenges.
the city of reno and their IT move to switch has similar hopefully solved challenges without creating more headaches.. the IT director i hope thought way ahead and is not headed for a problem. more at https://bit.ly/2LdsFic
more to come..

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