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Blockchain Rollout - identify under the radar changes

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Sunday, December 16, 2018
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so a colleague was sharing about Brexit and AI, magic, block chain, and where are we going and who cares?
i can ascertain based on how I have noticed slow cooker changes is through so-called maintenance windows.
politicians hide their changes in riders and IT folks hide under maintenance windows.
so keep an eye out for more so called maintenance windows... slipping in underpinning block chain framework so we won't notice. that's how i do it and i noticed that there will be a quiet before the storm.
by doing it this way, the public at large won't know, but will get billed for it in a so called technology fee "again and again and again" when most enterprises should just roll it up in their overhead and operations, but they have to monetize it to pad their profits which I get..
why pay for it when I can tax the hell out of my customer and pass along the cost and the organization gets the upgrade benefit, improved security, as long as, the back doors in the system are not exposed...
all the better.. i just love the charade we live in.. started in 1999 with Y2K and now we get blockchain. when will the doctor tell us that the medicine is good for us again and they are just guessing. well, formulas have a way of working themselves out in real life. either proven or dis proven at the cost of lives and livelihoods but the inventors, creators and engineers won't have to pay for it... if they are any good at doing what they do.
more to come...

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