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this is how ssl encrypt our websites
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Machine Learning (ML.net) Data Science quick videos

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, December 14, 2018

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Pretty cool. Watch these 5 videos to get your head wrapped around what is machine learning, and then as a leader of systems integration, systems architecture, programming development, test and QA, and most importantly a "technologist" ....one can appreciate how simple it is to design ML solutions.

What is machine learning?

Machine learning is a data science technique that allows computers to use existing data to forecast future behaviors, outcomes, and trends. Using machine learning, computers learn without being explicitly programmed.

Forecasts or predictions from machine learning can make apps and devices smarter. When you shop online, machine learning helps recommend other products you might like based on what you've purchased. When your credit card is swiped, machine learning compares the transaction to a database of transactions and helps detect fraud. When your robot vacuum cleaner vacuums a room, machine learning helps it decide whether the job is done.

Short videos on data science

Get a quick introduction to the basics of machine learning and data science from Data Science for Beginners in five short videos from a top data scientist. These videos are basic but useful, whether you're interested in doing data science or you work with data scientists.

" c/o Microsoft
Data Science by Andy 
more to come...

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