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CEO, Google, privacy, profit and greed

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Tuesday, December 11, 2018

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The CEO of Google came out and said Android users know how much they are being tracked.... let me ask that question of someone who is age 50+ and the answer will probably be - don't know. Do they care, yes, but then again, what can they do about it? nothing. 
that is the real question - AARP should be on high alert if not now then some 7-10 years ago when the ethics department in all major tech companies were removed for profit and greed. It's okay that some profit is made and that user data is really, "there data" already. 
Consider this test, without someone knowing -- watch someone walk around a grocery store and track their eye movements, what they pickup and put back, and what they end of buying. Then, tell them when they enter the store that they are going to do just that.. track their every movement and monitor their buying and choice habits. Look at the results. Better yet, do an A/B B/A test; do it forwards and backwards, advance warning, and then not advanced warning of them being monitored. Watch the results. 
True, now most customers these days know that there are surveillance cameras probably everywhere for security, safety and to prevent theft, and to show an insurance company what really happened when someone slipped and fell, or a jar of pickles from the top shelf fell on an old ladies foot and hurt her very badly. These kinds of cameras are good in a sense, but will they curb ones actions, let alone will those decisions and actions to be used to either help, monetize or hurt the customer experience then and in the future. How much money is that monitoring worth?
Facebook has definitely found out, as well as, Microsoft and others. Greed is not above anyone, except maybe the Lord Almighty, but the karma of right out invasion of peace and happiness with popups, trackers, cookies, and spam is not ethical. It's the old door to door person who watches you all day because it is public to do so, though creepy, and then when they see an opening, they approach you and make you an offer you can't resist, though you should.
more to come...

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