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2FA and Linux.org Hack

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, December 8, 2018
View Count: 1949, Keywords: 2fa, hack, linux.org, Hashtags: #2fa #hack #linux.org

It sucks to see that the Linux.org website was hacked. Could two factor authentication (2FA) could have helped to prevent that? The DNS was hacked via Network Solutions where linux.org was registered.

Linux.org domain hacked, plastered with trolling, filth and anti-transgender vandalism

Web admin blames public Whois and lack of 2FA

read more... at ...  https://www.theregister.co.uk/2018/12/07/linuxorg_hacked/
ps. i love Linux Mint too, and noticed in a side post that some of their ISOs were hacked back in 2016. One just has to be careful.. even me...I donate $100 to Linux Mint sometimes monthly. great to feel like you have some skin in the game, so that you can appreciate what they are doing... much like tithing.. if you don't do it.. you can't receive a different understanding of being involved monetarily.
 I was a single one time donor for $49. its an honor to be part of this foundation, great stuff! much like my membership to Microsoft Alumni after my many years of afterlife at Microsoft (ending 1997, puzzled to stay with MSA group when they cater only to Seattle based folks, even the Reno MSLI folks get left out, but hey, that's life - i digress and who at Microsoft cares.. nada. nope. no one..
more to come...

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