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Stock Market volatility - there is opportunity

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, December 7, 2018

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When their is chaos anywhere, there is opportunity. Just look for it.
I do feel bad for those that invest poorly and are not prepared for a quick move to save a significant percentage of their investment (called a pull back profit protection strategy).
step 1. always have a stock investment portfolio where there is a cash reserve account where you can sell most if not all in even blocks quickly so it can be held without tax penalty, and ready for re-investment. you can pull the trigger to sell and buy in even blocks.
use the stock split strategy if you want to be safe. you can't stop or prevent two laws of nature; law of equilibrium and the law of momentum and volume gained under a curve (the calculus of it) in terms of profit.
with the stock market peeling off 4% gains for the year, change your graph to show ALL or 5, 10 years and you will see you are still up.... buy and hold is for some, and profit taking selling high and re-buying low is optimum.
more to come..

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