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Samsung 980 Pro SSD NVMe 2TB VM drive crashed

by Mountain Computers Inc, Publication Date: Saturday, March 16, 2024

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Well, today I was imaging my 2TB 980 Pro NVMe to a 1TB 970 Pro NVMe and the 2TB crashed. Ugh.
Thank goodness the 400GB of VM images were backed up to my 16TB drive, yet it was just 3 days off and not much had changed so I was lucky! Go ahead and install the 1TB 970 Pro NVMe and recover the VM images from the 16TB and reconnect the VM images to the HyperVisor setup. Whew!
The 2TB Samsung was under warranty and only 3 months in use, so I got the warranty RMA completed.
Another day, another loss averted.
Update March 29, 2024 - the RMA was processed and the initial report was the inspected hardware was fine and the part was fine, yet after another week passed, the analysis status went blank, and on my porch arrived a brand new 2TB 980 Pro NVMe, not recertified, not remanufactured - new! Wow. No note. No mention. Interesting. I wonder what they found and determined to be the problem.
PS. Was I worried about my contents on 2TB device? A little, yet their policy is to ensure data destruction no matter what.  Well, I knew what was on it since it was a backup, and I went through all my sources where passwords existed and reset every password everywhere the day I shipped it. It took a few days to get every password reset everywhere yet it was worth it. Better to be safe than sorry.
more to come...

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