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Windows Indexing Options and how to Fix and Optimize

Microsoft Windows

by Mountain Computers Inc, Publication Date: Saturday, March 2, 2024

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I have worked on PC performance and streamlining for decades. The Windows Indexing Options are still a nemesis to me as I just witnessed this last week. The Windows control panel item for Indexing Options I am sure is rarely visited by most, and you wonder why your searches for files and folders on your computer are slow. For me, I have to modify, delete and add entries to the Indexing Options to make my searches efficient and effective. For others, like you, you have to do the same for now. I wish I had an easy answer yet Microsoft did a great job by adding the feature and Control Panel icon, yet the maintenance and management, optimization and efficiency of this service is yet to be seen.
The screenshot is an example Control Panel in Windows 7/10/11. You're system might be different.

Here are the Indexing Options results of a test system before I made any changes.

How do we fix the Indexing Options entries?
Step 1. Go into Control Panel | Indexing Options
Step 2. Click Modify Button
Step 3. Select and De-Select / Check and uncheck each Indexed Item you wish to or do not wish to index, and click the OK button
Step 4. Click the Advanced button and click Rebuild and click OK button to accept.
Step 5. Now be patient and wait for a day or two for the re-indexing to complete
** That's It!
Here are the results after I made the changes and the Index is rebuilding and that is why the count is so low as it starts to re-index my selections. I removed Desktop Background entries and added a 16TB Tools drive.
~24 hours later...
~48 hours later
Yes, you have to manually correct the Indexing Options entries. Just do it. The results will amaze you once it is completed and corrected.
For me, I might have to create a software solution and project to fix this and include it in my GGPCTU utility and software application; yet it might require user intervention for last storage devices both connected and disconnected.
more to come...

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