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Information Creators, Producers, Consumers, an Op-Ed Sequel not SQL


by Mountain Computers Inc, Publication Date: Saturday, January 27, 2024

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I would like to revisit the op-ed for the concept of "knowledge".
Here are some key points and considerations:
1. Knowledge is power
2. Knowledge is useful
3. Knowledge is dangerous
4. Knowledge is infinite
5. Knowledge is biased
What does one do with knowledge that is either inferior or superior? Easy answer: use it wisely and ethically.
In doing so, regardless of your position, one must understand - when it comes to knowledge; the who, what, why, when, where and how comes to my mind - yet mostly, the what and which are you?
Are you a knowledge creator?
Are you a knowledge producer?
Are you a knowledge consumer?
It matters. I am all of that and I work with folks who are one, two and three of them; yet for me, I am a content creator, producer, and knowledge consumer. I help others achieve their goals with knowledge too.
In the old days, I learned there are those that create the news, those that show up in the the news, or those that just watch the news. That is not a dilemma.
So, with all that being said, knowledge to me important. How does one store and retrieve that? I have many methods of information storage and retrieval yet which is most helpful?
For me, it's a SQL Server database or Microsoft Access Database, or just an organized file system. Is it No-SQL? Is it MySQL, is it another solution? To me, it does not matter how your information is organized and stored, it just depends on how it is collected, tagged, organized and stored for retrieval and analysis. 
How do you collect, process, store and retrieve your learning? For me, its in part this blog, and other forms of information storage and retrieval.
more to come...

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