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The Year 2023 in Review, the Future in 2024 regarding Life, Work, Home, Linux, Windows, SQL, Apple, Android

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by Mountain Computers Inc, Publication Date: Saturday, December 30, 2023

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Well, another year has passed with lots to report and the next year full of promise, hope and faith.
Here is the list of accomplishments for the year 2023:
1. continued learning and continuous improvement in many circumstances across the board, both vertically and horizontally, and 360 degrees of care, passion, determination, and hope. 😊
2. great new and renewed relationships occurred and completed thousands of tasks and solutions, and mission critical projects for the long overdue needs of many clients both large and small. 👍😏
3. continue moving forward and staying positive even in the face of resistance of growth and change by others. 🥰
Here is the list of accomplishment for the year 2024:
1. build new bridges and heal old ones
2. stay focused on positive energy and staying in the lane while thinking outside the box
3. understanding that courage is rare, respect should be mutual, mediocrity is common, and fear should not exist
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Are there hard project or milestone targets in mind?
1. be more patient with the world and oneself
2. communicate the best one can even in the face of resistance and find and work with winners
3. smile, believe, have faith and never give up on oneself or the hope in others
That's about it. Rather philosophical, yet worthy of noting.
Are there technical items to share? Sure!
1. Work on great projects and maintain strategic, tactical and operational precision effectiveness 🌎
2. Continue with research and development on innovation across all industries
3. Believe in your cause(s) that even might seem mundane to others. Remember, your life, your dreams, your time.
In the weeds and TMI:
1. changed gears and returned to an Android cell phone and gave up my Apple iPhone
2. pursued more workstation and server technologies; stay up-to-date with Linux and Python research, mostly Linux Mint, and a lot of Microsoft Windows Server 2019, and AWS EC2 production work and testing
3. explore more virtualization technologies, learned a German based (Gmbh) Linux OS called IGEL. Very interesting.
4. explored more database technologies especially Libre Databases and Oracle 19c databases
5. admired yet stayed clear of new AI and ML technologies since those are destined to get regulated and banned
6. kept up with financial markets and growing trends and acted accordingly, even crypto has regained some footing
7. stayed abreast of healthy habits, and mental mind improvements considering all the stress, turmoil, depression and other forms of resistance in the home and work
On an end note, above all else, have faith in others and the faith in yourself to pursue greatness and bring others along sometimes even if it feels like you are pulling anchors along with you. Remember, as the tide rises, so do all ships regardless of size, shape and condition. 💖
Happy New Year 2024, and thank you 2023 for an interesting set of challenges, puzzles, relationships and wins. Not all losses are losses, there is something to be shared and learned. Remember, that ones presence is often felt after one is gone more that one realizes.
Be true to yourself and to others. Speak quietly when possible and speak up when necessary.
in Good Faith and Good Will, All the Best to everyone. 😁😏🙏💕 This world is amazing even though there is so much tragedy within our country and abroad. Sage. True. Sad. Love. Hope. Care. Need. Want. Survival. Pray.
more to come...

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