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City of Reno moves their IT services to Switch data center

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, December 7, 2018

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This is a bold move for a City racked with debt. Are they an early adopter for a 3 year master agreement or just getting out from under some bad conditions where they host their IT services. Hopefully the move to Switch will not incur undue burden for remote management and driving back and forth to the data center constantly.
Oddly enough, Ms. Khimji is like the rest of us who have concerns about web and data services going up and down each night due to environmental conditions and risks.
Here she is quoted:"Rishma Khimji, the city's technology director, said what keeps her up at night is wondering what would happen to city servers in the event of a flood or other incident."
For me, running data centers and ISPs for the last 20 years across 5 states, I can appreciate her concerns and it makes me feel even better when the backups are in place, procedures documented and verified and tested to ensure even when there is a chance for data downtime, there is a way to keep the business rolling and staff not in a standstill.
99.999% up time is vital for applications by 3rd party OEMs and vendors where you depend on their SLA's to keep you up and their tested business continuity reaction with your IT teams, management and leadership.
I sleep pretty good at night knowing that i am 4 hours away from a full recovery if need be for almost any system and service for my 1500+ clients.
Good luck City of Reno with your move and I hope there is a savings in the process. Remember you are only as good as the people and procedures in place against ransomware or data loss of any kind, and of course the bandwidth you need to ensure a viable user experience running your applications.
For us, we moved 41 applications and 7 servers in 15 days. The planning took 3 months with lots of testing.
more to come...

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