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Ecommerce Web Development - PayeeZ migration to Clover integration into existing client website

by Mountain Computers Inc, Publication Date: Saturday, November 4, 2023

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A month ago, Payeez, an e-commerce credit card processing company announced to its client they were being acquired and migrated to Clover payment systems. The email indicated no modifications, changes or upgrades needed to be change to the front end of existing clients e-commerce websites.
A month passes, and suddenly e-commerce transaction stop and are hung in the old global gateway First Card processing window. Well, well - Clover Technical Support said they had a problem with their strategy, and while they meant well, they failed miserably to support their promise to the client.
Therefore, since November 2, I have been in the process with the business owner to re-code the existing front end to Clover's payment gateway. Well, that is a farce since if you look at their developer portal, it's a big sh*t show. I believe Clover over promised and under delivered, and are now being overwhelmed in the last year by the massive amount of client migration failures and developer features that were in PayeeZ and not even considered in Clover.
Stand by. I will hopefully have a comprehensive each solution for you if you want it once I find out the easiest and fastest way to get PayeeZ to Clover migrations for shopping carts.
Sure, Clover has Payment Links which are nice yet totally not enough for what my client needs. Their business processes are smooth and efficient and Clover's solution is like 20 years old type of thinking. I would forgive Clover if the year were 2000, yet its 2023 and they only support two API SDK payment frameworks and only two E-Commerce Plugin company's.
Update 11/10/2023 - Bank of America got an ear full from my client and BofA switched her company back to PayeeZ immediately because of the mess Clover has somehow let ride a series of issues beyond the control of BofA. The good part is my client is back to PayeeZ and fully functional again. I will report updates if something new comes out of Clover, Bank of America, and my client.
more to come...

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