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Software and hardware toolkit suggestions

by Mountain Computers Inc, Publication Date: Saturday, October 14, 2023

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In the past 17 years at Mountain Computers, our toolkit to provide service has evolved.
We would like to share the tools we leverage for many reasons. The categories for which we focus are hardware, software, networking, application and systems integration, database design and development, data transfer and recovery, virus discovery and removal using many different anti-virus packages and processes, graphics video and audio solutions, web design and development platforms (full stack), and more.
This list is just the start yet are the basics as we look around our lab and work space.
* Screwdriver sets both torx, standard and metric
* Air compressor, hot dog 150psi (supplier)
* USB jump/thumb drives (2G supplier for small needs, 64GB, 128GB for larger needs)
* Magnifying lamps (one per bench) (supplier)
* Microsoft Windows ISO images (HeiDoc, Microsoft Media Creation Tool for 10, 11)
* Linux ISO images (Distros are a plenty)
* Microsoft Office 1997 through 2019 Professional, Business and Standard in OEM and Retail EXE/ZIP packages
* OEM tools (our proprietary blend of software utilities and applications needed for each OEM computer)
* Benchmarking and monitoring tools and applications
* Data recovery tools and processes
* Data transfer tools and processes
* Software activation tools and processes
* Image transfer, image repair and recovery software and processes
* Virtualization tools (Oracle Virtual Box, Microsoft Hyper-V, ESX VMware, CrossOver, etc.)
* A+ Certification
* Network+ Certification
* C/C++/C# Certification of any type
* SQL Certification of any type
* Python Certification of any type
* Amazon AWS Certification of any type
* Microsoft Azure Certification of any type
* Google Cloud Certification of any type
* Cisco Networking Certification of any type
* Sonic Wall Network Certification of any type
* Formal college education (AA, BS, etc.)
We will provide suppliers links to these items above shortly.
more to come...

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