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Elements of Success as Leader; Equity vs Equality vs Autonomy

by Mountain Computers Inc, Publication Date: Saturday, August 19, 2023

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I just returned from a great one week cruise through the Bahamas and Caribbean, a much needed vacation since my last vacation pre-COVID-19 to Philippines in 2019.
In this trip I came to realize something about the last 2-3 years of my change and evolution as I get older, and past COVID-19, and what it has done to my company and my professional ability to secure work at any and all levels, and continue to be just as successful today as 10-20-30-40 years ago.
Full autonomy is one of my greatest needs as I have lived, worked and loved through out my career and life.
What I opened up to is the difference between equity versus equality. I hear a lot of complaints in corporate America and government agencies about inequality yet I found this new angle called equity. The politics is thick and deafening. Interesting if you understand it and try to accept what is versus what could be and adopt that into your value system and let it pass through your value system filters.
I like it! Equity. Now I can appreciate why the age difference and leadership is upside down as you get older and those you report to might be good, bad or ugly. I have known forever since I started customer service at the young age of 15, your customers are all around you, 360 degrees. Above, below, left and right, customers and clients in any job exist in those directions.
What matters the most is that regardless of job title, responsibility, so on and such...it's about a mutual respect to each other, respect of wisdom, understanding of equity and balance, and of the utmost, caring and passion of what you do and why you do it. All of which I have understood for decades and try to pass on to teams, groups, proteges, and others with whom I sense are open to the need, want and help
The cliche, "when the tide comes in and the oceans and seas rise, so do all ships." It means big, small or little, all ships regardless of size get the same amount out lift no matter their starting point and come up an equal amount to meet the need and solution. The reference will might better explain.
For me, I am pivoting my mind think about ageism quite a bit and leveraging a new paradigm shift in the next great shift in my help and support of others, organizations, friends, family and colleagues.
REF: https://risetowin.org/what-we-do/educate/resource-module/equality-vs-equity/index.html
more to come...
ps. backdated from 08/21/2023 to 08/19/2023, my Saturday regular post. :-)

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