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Jira basic to advanced usage for product, program and project management

by Mountain Computers Inc, Publication Date: Saturday, August 12, 2023

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In a recent project, Jira was used. I managed to handle that pretty well. That's a pretty cool platform. The irony is that the terms and definitions are so weird in a way; who designed this, publishers and writers? Hmmm.
Stories -> To Do -> In Progress -> Testing -> Done
The leadership consists of the Product Owner to the Scrum Master to the Scrum Team. The project management side of it is rather simple too, at the top layer inclusive of the following:
1. Epic as in a novel
2. Feature(s) inside an Epic
3. Story(s) inside Features
4. Tasks inside Storys(s)
5. Subtasks within Tasks
note: Scrum and Agile and a dose of CD/CI and voila. there you have it in a nutshell.
Quite honestly, all the different solutions to design, manage, and deliver products and services, programs through projects, etc. just depends on the industry. I liked Microsoft Project for most things, and of course the hardest and most expensive I had to support was Primavera 6.
In the past I had to also custom design our own product, program and project management tools. That was a ton of fun!
Just remember folks, KISS - keep it simple stupid and manage your scope, resources, and time. Stay under budget and on or ahead of time.
PS. I tried Monday.com too a while back. it was cool yet we did not use it.

more to come...

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