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How much laptop is enough for your needs - Intel or AMD

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by Mountain Computers Inc, Publication Date: Saturday, July 29, 2023

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In the past month, searching for laptops to meet client needs has been enjoyable. What has been found is a steady decline in middle to lower end priced laptops with quality performance components.
For example, a 15.6" laptop using Ryzen 5 or Intel i5 quad core or higher processor, 16GB of RAM, and 500GB NVMe 1.2 hard drive is the sweet spot, and should be fairly priced at around $350-$400 new. It is not. It used to be about 2 years ago. What happened?
The 17" laptop is nearly non-existent at a sub $750 price. A new push for 16" laptop since last year seems to be the case and those are $500 starting. Now, I am not saying an Intel i3 or Ryzen 3 laptop is bad, it just needs a little more kick for home business users, light travel and of course going to school.
So, why the fuss? It's because even used laptops are still valid, and worthy of refurbishment and resale. Two laptops in my case were sourced and resold with great results.
The longevity is 2-3 years in most cases, and 3-5 years in best case. I configure laptops for the best case and hope the client takes care of the laptop and treats it with care. The good part is most of my clients with a little instruction and follow-up do just that, and their laptops last upwards of 5-7 years.
Plus, I encourage verifiable backups and 18-24 month checkups and they do that without hesitation. Good stuff!
Where do I source these laptops? Remember, I am super picky and super restrictive on what I would sell through to a client based on their needs that they often do not understand themselves. That is where I come in.
Here are the local retail places:
* Office Depot
* Staples
* Best Buy
The online places:
* Dell Outlet
* B&H
Here are the second tier sources:
* Ebay
* Amazon
* Craigslist
This list in not finite.
Plus, there are companies upgrading and replacing, or closing and relinquishing their laptops from their asset pool. That is a great source to consider as well. If you are lucky enough, this is where I find most of the good options as well, and consider sell through and kick back to the client for allowing me to refurbish their inventory and process it through and off their books with some return in value.
more to come...

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