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SQL database architecture and management - OLAP and OLTP


by Mountain Computers Inc, Publication Date: Saturday, April 22, 2023

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The question came up this last week on Data Warehouse architecture, and I was caught off guard with two terms ; facts versus measure tables and star schema. Oddly, as embarrassing as it might seem; I have never used those terms. I use OLAP. Its not the same as OLTP.
Well, at least I grinned and said, I would get back to you on that and when I discovered my oversight in some basic terms; I was like; oh crap. Anyhow, Yes, OLAP vs OLTP is very simple, and I actually use a hybrid of both in most of my architectures.
Business questions need answers. OLAP answers some and OLTP answers some, and combined they answer all of it. The good part is that most of my architectures without even my own awareness incorporate both of these all the time.
I like to keep things simple; enjoying good normalization, first second third normal form, and avoiding de-normalization, over normalization, etc. Be sure to properly apply indexing, streamline & optimization techniques, execution plans, foreign keys and constraints when applicable, app level vs db level integrity management, obfuscation, hashing, hipaa, pii, backups, backups, backups, etc, etc.
more to come...

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