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Quick access to Windows administration tools that are hard to find in Windows 11 specifically sysdm.cpl and ncpa.cpl

Microsoft Windows

by Mountain Computers Inc, Publication Date: Saturday, March 25, 2023

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In the past several days, Windows 11 updates have caused one OEM laptop wireless drivers to fault and error and in doing so interrupt my users' laptop Internet  connection.  The first was a Lenovo laptop. Why Lenovo? Who knows. After a few Windows 11 updates and bam. It keeps coming back each day, Lenovo wireless driver failure in device manager. Will there be more? I have a feeling. It could persist like it did for one, or expand, or just disappear with another Windows 11 update (silent push release).
In the process of fixing it for a few clients with Lenovo laptops - Why is it so hard to get to the System Administration control panel items in Windows 11? Its because those items are buried! Intentionally? Maybe?
I had to find a quick and dirty way to get my clients remotely to get to the device manager let alone the network connection window to see if a wireless device was present and if so, working or not working.  Ergo - I find a new approach for Windows 11 to troubleshoot issues to make it easy for me and clients. Let me share some quick tips I just had to discover in the new Windows 11 method versus the old fashioned Windows 7/10 method.
Here are two tips at the moment to quickly get you there, and once there, do what you need to do.
Manage drivers in Device Manager
Start | Run or Windows Logo + R |  sysdm.cpl | Hardware tab | Device Manager
Click Hardware tab and click Device Manager button
Locate and right click on the wired or wireless device that has the yellow/orange triangle, and select Uninstall and leave the box to remove driver unchecked if asked, and then reboot, and upon reboot, reconnect to your wireless router.
Note: if the device is "Disabled" (arrow down icon), it might be intentional or accidental, in either case, if you are wireless and the device(s) are wireless, right click and choose Enable.
If all your laptop/workstation device drivers are correct in your device manager window, it should look something like this.

Manage Ethernet connections
Start | Run or Windows Logo + R | ncpa.cpl

see if your wireless device is present.
If this does not work, contact your local IT professional service company or your organizations Help Desk.
more to come...

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