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16-32TB NAS and SAN storage and backups continues to be a standard for SQL, Windows and Linux environments

Microsoft Windows Linux Tux SQL

by Mountain Computers Inc, Publication Date: Saturday, February 18, 2023

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In the past week, another two companies are upping their ante from 4-8TB to 16-32TB.
While our strategies are easy to understand, manage and extend, the data storage requirements are now becoming more mainstream 16TB core, and expansion to 32TB, and of course hot and warm backups and mirrors.
Amazing how quickly data growth for small and medium businesses continues from 2022 to 2023. The vendors we use for the NAS and SAN technology we won't list here, nor the drive manufacturers, nor backup and cloud recovery providers, yet let me be clear -- have a strategy that you and others can appreciate, understand, support and recover from in a moments notice.
Plus, document your production methodology and ensure your disaster recovery and stop, shutdown, protect, bootstrap, and start is solid and tested.
I anticipate by 2025, most of the medium business we support who are heavy into engineering and research, will have 16TB on premise, and 32TB in expansion, and cloud available and hot and warm ready standby in case of any issues.
Ps. As a side note, make sure your edge devices and appliances for network and ingress and egress traffic is suitable to your business needs and demands. Be reasonable and prudent, yet be vigilant and guarded.
more to come...

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