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Technology and Leadership 101 revisited

by Mountain Computers Inc, Publication Date: Saturday, February 4, 2023
View Count: 176, Keywords: Technology, Leadership, Hashtags: #Technology #Leadership

In the last few years I had the notion to continue my PhD in Organizational Leadership and Management, in Technology Management, etc.
Yet. I pondered, to what end?
Respect? - not really necessary at this time because it already exists
Money? - not really necessary yet very helpful to support causes and local and global non-profits
Creativity? - oh very much so, love to be creative and take the initiative
Health? - very much so and needed
Honesty? - no doubt and never less than high road, high ethics
Autonomy? - very much so all the time
With that being said, what does one do? Well, try some things, do some things, and never give up.
Many will love you, a few will be threatened. It's okay. Same game, different year, decade and era.
To me, I love doing what I do to help and lead and while it might sound trite, believe in yourself and believe in others and never give up on helping people.
more to come..

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