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Backups Backups Backups, Power outages in 2022 and 2023, continuing saga

by Mountain Computers Inc, Publication Date: Saturday, January 28, 2023

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In the last 24-36 months, power outages seem to be getting worse and worse across the country and even locally.
The Midwest, Southeast, and now back to California and now even Nevada. Is it coincidence? Who knows.
That means backups for your computing data must be in stand by; both hot, warm and cold.
 A colleague who just read my post asked, "why the difference? hot, warm cold?"
Hot - automatic failure over in mission critical systems and data and its 99.999% synced and online (5 9s, meaning < 6 minutes of outage per year allowed, like a data center)
Warm - a logical switch between systems with a read-only data set that can be a little stale, yet read-write must be up to 5 9's condition, minute by minute logs with hourly live full data sets that has transaction logs to apply to bring missing data back into live condition.
Cold - meaning, the data is not that close to you, and your not fully screwed up, yet it will take some time to bring online systems and restored data from the last backup; hopefully no less than a day old.
Each of these types dictate a relative cost scenario and degree of setup, configuration and support complexity.
For me, I always look at the downtime cost per hour in terms of profit loss, and the value of the data, and the people hours required to recreate the data and if there is a loss of data; ugh, how many people hours are required to bring things back into the present and keep the trucks rolling along with receivables, revenue, payroll, etc, and especially cash flow moving.
The types of backups depends on your needs; mirrored, rolling, ghosting, differential, etc.
Just remember, you are only as good as your last backup. ;-) be safe and be great!
REF 1: https://www.2news.com/news/nv-energy-discusses-mass-power-outage-in-northern-nevada/video_bbaeffa9-e476-5290-81fd-d40987c8b46f.html
REF 2: https://poweroutage.us/
 more to come...

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