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Power Supplies, what wattage

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Tuesday, December 4, 2018

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Have you noticed that when you go to buy a power supply for a blown computer, the existing power supply is so overpowered for the unit, you wonder what was the builders thinking?
Lately, I have been trying to work with smaller form factor computers and their real power consumption requirement.
The system will only draw what it needs regardless of the size of the power supply. So, if you add up the electronics inside and their max wattage (voltage times amperage), you get a total. What is that number?
I have found that 90% of the components are now lower power and lower wattage and therefore, require less powerful power supplies. For me, then it comes down to power connectors and room for addition/expansion of mostly a 2nd hard drive (internally), and then considering the external factor on a USB2/3, and/or a medium to high quality video card.
What else does one really expand?
for example so if you take down the parts
power supply = 500w, and now start subtracting your parts wattage and stay at least 15% of above 0. working your way from the outside of the case inward, or reverse from the motherboard out..
1. case chassis fans (led or not) -- 12 v x ?
2. motherboard
3. cpu
4 cpu cooling unit (if not just a heatsink with pipes)
5. ram
6. hard drive(s)
7. optical drives
8. video card
9. multimedia header (audio/video/usb if used) - actually this goes into #2 the motherboard so skip this.
what else...
10. above board internal pci/pci-express cards .. those go into #2 as well...
add up the wattages and make sure to don't go over 85% (think about RMS) of the available PSU wattage-
more to come...

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