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AMD Ryzen 5600G with an AsRock 6600 XT New computer build for a friend

AMD Processor

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, November 5, 2022

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This Friday Saturday I had a great time doing a quick build for a friend of mine. He wanted something for Flight Simulator 2022. What he had was an i7-4790K with 8GB of DDR3 and a 250GB SSD and 1TB HDD, and a GeForce 750ti video card. 
In the prior weeks, he called me and inquired - So, I said - I have the parts, I know just what you want. He said, how much? I said, $1200 or less. He thought about it for two weeks and did some Q&A with me in email and finally, he got his computer to me to see what I could salvage versus replace.
Below is what I got him installed into his system, salvaging his 500W Power Supply, Designer Case, DVD/CD optical drive, etc. I did the Windows 10 Pro license that he provided, and he would upgrade to Windows 11 probably in a few months.
It was a great system. He loved it. I added the GoGreen PC Tune-UP™ software to lean things up, and completed his build. He loved it.
He got home and was too eager to put Windows 11 on it, and it said it could not because it did not include Secure Boot TPM 2.0 support, which it did. It just need to be bypassed or turned on in the BIOS. either way, we can do that down the road when he is comfortable with his new system.
Don't forget backup, backups backups! He had them prior to and after. What a nice system.
I let him borrow some video card adapters, HDMI-to-DVI-D and a Display Port to HDMI in case his monitors needs some extra cabling help. He sent a picture of his final setup when he got it all setup and running
more to come...

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