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Computing digital forensic investigation and prosecution and the history of financial theft

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Thursday, September 10, 2020

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Welcome to Saturday and this is a special edition. Why? Because one of my favorite friends clients and wife was scandalized phished and abused, and her money stolen online.
Let me take the time to describe the background and then the facts. This is an ongoing saga which I hope to reveal as we go. If the perpetrator(s) read(s) this, heed the warning, return the money or else. Trust me.
Head Notes: two friends share and transfer money back and forth via Venmo platform and suddenly something is not working. My wife contacts supposedly Venmo support and then her transfers and money are tested and verification of linked bank accounts with Wells Fargo are verified and tested, and then her money is gone, transferred to another party without her permission, supposedly.
For me, one of my hats and expertise is a digital forensic investigator and analyst for courts and lawyers on both sides for nearly 20+ years. What I need are the discovery evidence items; verbal testimonials, then records, logs, statements and details on all platforms from all parties. It gets crazy here. This is where I excel.
Then something weird happens like awkward back history and then awkward background facts, and I ask myself, "Let's see where this goes." This is the part I hate. Missing facts.
Regardless, the fact a law was broken and two parties though involved, one is the criminal, and the other the victim. In my case, two many variables and I try to isolate the situation to find the right solution in the midst of the drama and frustration.
For me, I get a little exhausted listening at first the first part of the problem, and listen more and as time goes, there is more and more and more, and more, and I am exhausted why do people believe in these criminals to let them go on and on with your account and vital information. OMG. WTF. I guess, I am not that naive.
Getting back to my Wifey's situation, hopefully the perpetrator is watching and will give the money back without incident. Otherwise, jail time is forth coming and I know who he is, where he lives, his phone number, his email address, his exact activities at this moment, and all the above. He's young. It's okay and playing a stealing game and part of a larger gambit of forever loss yet I know these folks. Trust me.
** It's okay. INTERPOL is involved now and they have your details. I reached out to a contact. You're welcome.
The US Postmaster General was contacted. They have the most teeth.
Let me keep going.
I have given all that to the authorities already and the platforms, and the US Post Office Postmaster General. The fun part about tracking this is that the government takes forever, and the criminals will not get away with it, what for $2000 here and there.
Trust me Ben Walker, Cell Phone# 916-675-3623, Venmo Customer Representative Number #786725, you were called and unless you deny it, you are on the radar of INTERPOL, RPD, WCSO, etc. Let's see what happens.
more to come...

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