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this is how ssl encrypt our websites
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Microsoft Windows Server 2019 and SQL Server 2019 in development and research

Microsoft Windows SQL

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, September 3, 2022

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Over the weekend, I have doing quite a bit of virtualization development testing and research using Microsoft Windows Server 2019 and Microsoft SQL Server 2019, both in development mode and community editions.
What I find amazing is the speed of setup and configuration using Oracle Virtual Box. Virtual Box is free and the while Microsoft Windows Server 2019 has a 180 day evaluation trial, I have several licenses for them, and while Microsoft SQL Server 2019 is free, in community edition - it's all strong and equally as powerful as the enterprise editions.
So what am I exploring? Oh, just a few things:
1. analysis of secure randomization functions along with encryption and cryptography
2. analysis of server to server data transformation and handling with json xml
3. analysis of transfers and loads of 1TB of data and then indexing appropriately, oh yeah, ETL and ELT
The rest is gravy. installation, configuration, and integration and documentation.
I actually have my Windows 10 Professional workstation running SQL Server 2019, and on top of that, Virtual Box, and within that virtual machine Windows Server 2019 along with SQL Server 2019.
All I can do is have fun and continue to do the math, run the numbers, and continue the ongoing analysis of great methods, specifications, and rock solid optimization and performance tuning.
I was working on some API's for some game ideas yet that got boring fast, then I worked on some audio programming for some html/css/javascript and that got boring, and I looked at my folder of invention ideas, and said, stick with my SQL and data handling epiphanies for all sorts of purposes; integration json and xml interfaces, gaming ideas, finance & accounting interfaces, encryption & cryptography, randomization, and systems tools.
I had a thought, is a SQL OLE-DB connection faster than a File I/O connection to read and write 1 billion rows with 4-8 columns? I know what it is like to bulk load 180 million records / rows with 12 columns into SQL, and File I/O write 500M to 1B rows with 4-8 columns into a file, yet side by side, which is faster? Interesting question. I'll have to consider my research testing plans.
more to come...

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