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Life is full of questions and also with many answers - it depends on you

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, August 27, 2022

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I have been thinking about this for a long time and I jotted it down about 12 years ago, around 2010 and it was this simple idea. What are your causes, projects, research and how does it relate to your family, life, work and overall motivation to engage in life?
Now with a great curiosity consider the following?
What is your purpose in life? Meaning do you believe in some cause or many causes? Do you know?
What projects are you working on? Leading? Finishing? Daily, Weekly, Monthly, all the time?
What is your work like and how it relates to what you love doing?
Are you the one who does or does not know you are just trading hours for dollars? Is there more?
Do you realize that whatever job you find yourself in - as CEO, VP, Office Clerk, Janitor --- the stress is the same, yet the pay is different? Remember, we all put our clothes on the same. We all are mortal.
Does your circle of friends and co-workers trust you? Are you trustworthy?
What does your toolkit or tool-set look like and are you honing your skills?
Are you more of a giver or taker?
Are you a producer or consumer? Meaning, do you create things or do you just eat other people's lunches.
Do you just watch the news or do you create and make the news with your endeavors?
Where you work, the division or department, are you in a profit center or cost center?
Is your family life supportive of your dreams and you are supportive of a long and short list of dreams with them?
When you work with people, is for a reason, season or lifetime?
Do you know the difference in your circle of concern versus your circle of control?
As you get older, is life better or worse? Why?
What does it take to make you happy? Do you know?
What are your love languages? Have you heard of this?
What are the results of your Myers-Briggs personality test?
Do you know what the Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs are?
Have you done a lot of introspection over the decades?
What is your time frame in all of the above?
Are you a generalist or specialist? Or a little of both?
Do you constantly seek to learn, share, both, one or the other?
What is your motivation for doing what you do? Sharing, Caring, Loving, Controlling, Demeaning?
How do others perceive you for your methods and actions at home, work and in public?
Do you talk the walk more than the walk the talk ergo walk the walk versus talk the talk?
Are you a leader or manager, or director, or somewhere in between, or do you change roles as needed?
What is your favorite food, person, place to go, place to live, and who to work with?
What would be your last words, and final resting place?
Are you a person who is happy with a cup half full and filling, or person who is unhappy with a cup that is half empty and never enough?
Do you ask more questions than making statements?
Do you talk more about ideas, or do you talk more about people?
What is your IQ is you had to guess?
Are you approachable or more uptight? At work do you close your door more than you leave it open?
Do you smile and carry a happy tune or are you grumpier and more frowning and disappointed than most?
Do animals like you when they see you in most cases, or do animals tense up when they see you and growl?
Do children that you see in public, when they look at you, do they smile at you and wave and raise a curious eye, or ignore you and look away and not pay any attention to you?
Are you more happily tidy than clean, or cleaner and more uptight?
Do you believe there is something bigger than you? Are you aware of it and sense it?
When you enter a room, do you bring light and energy with you and in advance of you, or do you bring a glare, tenseness and stress with you?
Do you look at the sky, stars, trees, bugs, animals, water and earth, and wonder in amazement how it all works?
These are some good questions to ask yourself when you start your day, look at new adventures and transition through life. I will add references shortly to the above.
more to come...

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