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Solving problems, real problems

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Monday, December 3, 2018

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The question of the century should be what are you doing to help humanity?
Solve real problems and not fake problems. Don't create work, use work as a form of therapy to be creative and solve real problems that need solving.
Each day I look outside and look at my computer and consider what am I going to be doing today, it starts out with who do I get to help today? Who have I forgotten about and who needs my attention?
Remember, projects are the core of an organization's and individual's ability to grow, learn and improve one for all, and all for one. So where are these projects and ideas coming from when in fact necessity is the mother of all invention.
In terms of solving real problems - you have to have tools and skills to get started and a lot of experience; therefore, I was reading the graduate and undergraduate programs at Harvard online and seeing what they are trying to say in terms of what is a reasonable degree and found many degrees that was really solving problems and some that are not really explained very well. What prompted me to ask what degrees are really out there and what are they trying to do was this report on SLASH DOT about Who is going to University Today?
Are you a consumer or producer? do you just exist to consume other peoples creations and output, or are you a producer and creator of good things?
Do you watch the news or make the news (in a positive sense and way)?
When you watch TV are you processing it to see if you can gain value and add to your life, or are you just burning time and wasting your life and the resources of others?
I prefer you find something to do that will help others and make you smarter in the process, and definitely healthier. Stay productive, (NOT BUSY, everyone is busy), but doing things that actually have value and create more value.
all the best, more to come...

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