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Computing Performance and Optimization are keys to success yet understand Accuracy before Speed in SQL, Windows, Linux, Apple

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by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, July 16, 2022

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I have wanted to write this since I met a new professional colleague about a month ago. His name was Jeffrey Benjamin of a Leadership Training organization.
Everything he shared, I already knew is some form and factor, and it was great to revisit all his techniques and tips - yet my take away that I synthesized from the team exercises -- Accuracy before Speed.
I work in the field of computing in any industry, yet those factors are essential in all of them.  * Accuracy * Speed *, and of course there are other limited resources and metrics to be concerned with yet let's just talk about these in terms of interacting with others, and not necessarily computing in all examples.
Accuracy - get your data right to make the right decisions, even if the data is limited. do you best to get it right the first, second and third time while trying to get the data delivered to leadership so they can make a decision before a deadline. Make sure you know if your data is either fluid or static, and then consider the ramifications that goes into the data and report. Remember, data can change and update, yet in some industries, one cannot change the past data, just report on the discrepancy and give a modified report. I could go on, yet I won't. There is so much about accuracy in terms of being a leader versus a manager of people, things, and stuff. Remember, there are leaders and managers and they are not the same, regardless of their title. The decisiveness and discernment of leaders and managers vary and all are not equal.
Speed - this is where the young fail in many cases, not all cases. An ole adage and cliche that I learned and want to share -- If you want something done the fastest, ask a lazy person to do it.
Decision Making in terms of speed and accuracy - no analysis paralysis, meet the target market window, don't delay, and if you make a good decision today based on good available data, and get new and better data tomorrow, one can change the decision. Remove the words always and never from ones vocabulary, and finally if the answer is no, it means for right now since one does not have enough information to say yes, and no does not mean forever, it just means if more data comes in to make the answer a yes, then so be it.
In terms of colleagues and getting things done fast, for some I have known, they cannot get out of 1st gear, and others try to stay in 5th gear and overdrive all the time. For me, I change gears as needed and by instinct and through wisdom. What drives me crazy is those leaders who don't know the difference; now or later, or in a little while, or drop dead now.
I find it fascinating how the English language is such a poor tool to communicate as a whole. Communication is all about the five senses, instincts, wisdom, and intent along with motivation.
How does one segue through the cross connect of leadership and management in terms of accuracy and speed? I could tell you yet you might not get it unless you have gone down the path not taken more than a dozen times. Its coach-able and teach-able to those that want to learn, yet many I have found in rare instances are too ahead of themselves to consider stopping, listening, and learning.
Mind you, in terms of speed, for nearly 30 years, I have carefully followed, guided, advised and led along side with some of the best leaders in our world. That is not and under or over statement. It just is. What do I have to show for it? Well, to some believe your possessive materialism is what matters. I don't believe so. I am very proud of being friends and associates and honored by so many whom I just call a friend.
The metrics of success are not the same for all. Speed was not a factor to me to give, gain, and maintain trust. It was in terms of accuracy of communication which I believed was essential ; ergo too much, too little, at the right time, in the right manner, and never deceptive. Either tell me the truth or tell me you can't, or don't tell me at all. These were qualifying items to building trust and a friendship at whatever level.
So, accuracy before speed. What is that? Well, I was working on a report and it was taking 3.5 minutes for the data to render, and I was like "what?!". Mind you, not my query or report, just a boilerplate. So I took 3-4 hours and dug into all  the joins and function calls, and voila, finally found it, and fixed the one function call that was eating up 3.45 minutes. Once fixed, the report came back in 18 seconds, and then I really had to verify the accuracy to the old report. that was tough. That took another 2-3 hours and still I need verification since the data is not mine, nor the schema, nor the application and back-end logic.
What I love to do? Help people. Help those with computing needs.
Above all, give energy to the positive and shine light on the dark, and never give up nor give in. Believe in yourself and others who are living and leading, sharing and caring alike.
* Remember Accuracy before Speed. I choose Both. I can engage to Warp 10 in a pinch. I stay at Warp 3-5 most of the time.
* Remember the tortoise and the hare story. I am/choose the Tortoise.
* Remember. Choose - Look Busy or Be Productive. These are not the same. I choose Productive.
* Epic Rule - In SQL, use DSNless connections and OLE-DB, and only max three indexes per table pretty please
* Epic Rule - Windows limit BitBlt calls - keep it pretty yet fast
* Epic Rule - Apple, no comment, you won't listen to logic nor reason anyhow unless its about the UI
* Epic Rule - Linux, remember UNIX, your mother and father and keep your fstab perfect, stable, clean
Do the Math. Be Happy. Be Alive. Smile. Laugh.
REF: https://gogreenpctuneup.com
more to come...

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