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Trust yet Verify -- Backups are definitely needing to be reviewed by everyone and verified

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, June 18, 2022

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Over the last week, I had the chance to verify backups with my ole clients with their new support teams. Since transitioning some of my primary business clients to new support organizations; I had to re-verify that backups are still working properly.
Rule #1 - Trust yet Verify --  Information Security 101: Backups. Backups. Backups.
Backups are everyone's concern. If you are doing any type of computing work and your files are important, I mean really, which files are not important, then one should know the backup and recovery procedure at the individual level. It never feels good to have to redo your work because someone was not paying attention.
And don't trust a piece of paper or a contract or someones verbal word on it --  Get your eyes on it, and ensure the verification and validation and audit occurs daily, monthly and quarterly and redundantly. Don't be lazy on this one folks. Murphy's law applies here. Just when you think you don't need a solid backup, whamo! you do!
Know the recovery procedure and know it well and if your backups are outsourced, make darn sure its verified and protected, because when the crap hits the fan, they don't have to worry, you have to worry, and all I have seen in the past with clients I gained was that the previous IT company said, "Ooops! We're sorry. All your stuff is gone yet it was supposed to be backed up, and it was automated, yet we never verified.".
Don't you become a victim of data backup loss and no recovery.
more to come...

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