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Artificial Intelligence, the journey within existing technology and legacy systems

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by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, June 4, 2022

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I was pondering a thought last night about what I accomplished some 25 years ago where I put my version of ethical AI into a few of my clients systems, and it was all about predictive analysis of given data and circumstances. It was good to great and helped my client's learn more about their clients extremely fast; plus it did not violate any privacy laws that pretty much did not exist on the books yet.
The guidance from the great mega-pop leaders that I worked with were this; follow the Internet AUP and other things like reciprocal NDAs, and avoiding the infringement of existing trademarks, copyrights and patents and one will remain safe and secure. One always had to do the research first before doing the work, and sometimes both at the same time.
Skipping 5 years right after the Internet dot-com bomb and recovery, and the Y2K fake fiasco that was expensively irresponsible by many; we fast forward to 2005 through 2010, the big heavy weights like Amazon and others started to add steroids to their formulas and this is where data warehousing and harvesting and processing came to be lucrative. I sensed it, saw it, and enhanced some of my existing client's system and voila. Even better, and ethics were still strongly enabled.
Here are a few examples of what AI means in both existing systems and legacy systems:
1. business conditions are such that patterns emerge - let your five senses convert the patterns to AI helper bots
2. data received should be held still while the observer's perspectives of the data, moving around the data 360 degrees.
3. hold the data still and protect it and take readings from it. don't keep copying the data unless to protect it for ongoing verification of consistency and lack of change. AI can do all of this. Just be quick about it on some things and careful and methodical on other things.
4. AI is not the end all. Data is just something about someone from someone or others. First hand physical observation and follow-up, verification and completion are the sweet spot in terms of business practice. That really boils down to "Communication that is human, not AI"
5. Don't worry about something not quite perfect in an AI solution. No one died, relatively speaking, and remember, if it's too important to let a computer or algorithm decide, then let humans decide in the beginning, during the processing, and the handling of the conclusion. The AI does none of these by itself, only in parallel and never as the decision maker.
For some reason..., I recall reading some books over the span of my life that goes into detail on some of those five items above. That list above is not finite, yet it was a brain dump in how off the cuff one can share and reasonably explain to many at all levels. I am sure examples would help, yet for those with enough miles under their feet can wrap their heads around the thoughts and words.
Keep it simple stupid, and we will all be fine. Life is an amazing journey and while some of us enjoy the peacefulness and quiet of working alone and uninterrupted, some of us love the synergy of working with others. I applaud folks who know their strengths and weaknesses and communicate and work towards our common goal in life - to help others the best way we can and have passion for with a cause.
 So, Happy Saturday. Enjoy the weekend like me. I need to recharge my brain and body. My new work is so exciting and I know it will not become boring and stale even after 5 or 10 years because like my old work, the variables, the people, the conditions continuous change and as long as you stay working amongst others that you value and they equally value you, one will be just fine. Smile. Laugh. Share. Care. Work Smart all the time. Work Hard when necessary. Keep it Light, Fun and Spicy. Give and Receive graciously.
I coined a phrase to one of my co-workers who asked why I changed gears, and I shared with them that I hung up my spurs on the last 15+ years and it was great yet my journey like Lewis and Clark to the Pacific Ocean was accomplished, and the journey home was not only the end of the first journey, except the start of a new journey. One returned east to their home base where they started, and the other went south central to Pike's Peak area, and they both lived happily ever after, knowing together they made the journey west under great strife, struggle, beauty and joy, and will go down in history as it did. We all have a story to tell and hopefully be remembered.
more to come...

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