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Job market is heating up - always keep an eye out for opportunities

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Monday, April 4, 2022

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The job market is moving pretty fast these days. The big gap in technology positions being filled is huge.
It is flattering being contacted by recruiters every day is an amazing thanks to ones skill and profession, projects, and experience.
Most of the opportunities are high paid full stack engineering needs -- for example. they want Java/Python on top of an AWS EC2 stack with Oracle back-end. For me, I can do half of the requirements and the other half I am not experienced in; though, will I be in the future - probably not - I am 55 years old and that would have been the days in my ages of 20-30, putting in 70 hours a week rather than 30 hours per week.
My example reply and thanks!
Hello Cody,

i got your voice message and your email. thank you for the opportunity, yet 1/2 of these things I am not familiar with. Yes, I do the full stack in classic C#/VB.Net/ASP/VBA/OLE-DB client/server developer in SQL/RDBMS and high performance finance, math, statistics and third party logistics systems and integration.

Happy Monday and Thank you for thinking of me.
I did not include my other areas of expertise since they were looking for more cloud developer types ; I am more of a classic client/server developer, from small to very large and even enterprise; both in research and development as well as production and high performance computing systems.
more to come...

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