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this is how ssl encrypt our websites
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Microsoft IIS Amazon AWS EC2 Hackers going after clients and the logs are immense via SQL Injection

SQL Amazon AWS

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Sunday, March 31, 2002

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This is just an example of the level of attacks from hackers going after IIS Microsoft servers on AWS EC2 instances and hammering e-commerce and other applications and attempting to breach them.
What do they get, nothing. The designs were intended to obfuscate and keep risk away by design. What do they want? Have no clue. If you get in, its an empty room anyhow. All we do is in the meantime, give the hackers a nice honey pot to go after and include their activity automatically to the #FBI #INTERPOL and local and state law enforcement authorities, free of charge.
Hackers feel free to go after the bad actors and businesses and people. Yet do not go after the good folks and people - if you do, you will scoop accidentally and by design, many levels of law enforcement content and tracking at will back to you and your organizations and teams. When will you learn, I am not after you, and you should not be after us, me and my clients. If you do, well, let's just say, ... Please stay away from my stuff. You were never my target unless you want me to make it so. Just don't, again, I repeat - we don't want to go there. 👍💖🤣👌🤞
Promise me. I support your endeavors on a legal level and even ethical level. Lord knows, I am on the Light side of the Force, not the Dark side. I know the Dark side, very well. We want to protect the good and ethical innocent, young, elderly, and more from the Dark side within our public, government, and other organizations en mass. Yet if any of those particularly go bad, you have free reign to go after them. I know when the good folks turn bad willfully and unethically, and I know a few hundreds of them both in business and personally; you are free to go after them.
Remember, the Light side can cooperate with the Dark side and prevail and work in unison because, as Sun becomes Day, and the Moon becomes Night, all is good if balance is protected.
I really love to analyze and read your attacks and attempts and the sophistication; its really good. Yet, for the most part; I wish I could be part of your endeavors for the fun and wealth of it; yet I cannot. I have to stick with the good part of my soul, what is left and honor my parents; though, many recently have tried to tempt me in the last 20 years to join the Dark side, 20 years ago, 2 years ago and 2 months ago; its funny - yet, I would relent regardless of the money thrown at me from those who have hundreds of millions flaunting their wealth at me; yet - I just want to be happy and healthy and not stressed out. Funny.
Just remember -- without Light there can be no Dark, and vis-à-vis.
more to come...

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