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Green Software Foundation adoption or not

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Friday, March 29, 2002

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Even though I have adopted the GSF they have not adopted me, yet. Let me elaborate and repeat myself again: In this case, while we (I) have adopted the Green Software Foundation, they have not adopted me, yet.
What can one do to understand the GSF? Easy answer: Nothing. They are singing to the choir without any substance and making all the politicians and elites believe something good is going on. My REF 2 below that I just read is totally uh-oh totally not definitive. Who writes this stuff? Give me some examples and explanation. GSF you are taking way too long to explain and deliver actionable items in your cause and my belief in your cause in my lifetime. The GSF is taking way to long to explain and give examples to the young, middle aged, and old in computing anything; software, hardware, middle-ware, integration, design, research, development, support and maintenance, documentation, quality and assurance, compliance, risk, and legal. I believe the GSF is going good and yet hampered by self-inflicted bureaucracy that we need to dispatch to save the planet now.
With that in mind and on a lighter tone - all I can say, is this - from a position of professionalism, experience and wisdom... do this:
>> Find your cause in life - believe in it, hallow it out, follow it, feed it, care for it, and remain positive.
>> For me, the GGPCTU solution actually works - not surprisingly
>> for nearly 15 years, Microsoft, HP, Dell and Intel and a blade server design company based in Carson City Nevada who needed my technology massively yet could not find a way - all who have ignored me and my dreams of streamlining, and optimization and energy savings, performance in production, and energy savings all along the way. Its okay, not really. They are big companies and don't care unless you have some PhD team or some stakeholder with millions of dollars or so to push your agenda. Me? I have nothing other than my scientific data and facts and proven results and happy clients.
>> frustrated? of course - for nearly 24 years my solutions have worked from Windows XP, Vista through 7, 8, 10 and even 11. Will any of these great companies acknowledge my cause? Nope. Even when in discussion with Disney and other Hollywood video production companies; my methods, formulas and applications; while under NDA until this year; have been beneficial; even though they never acknowledged the success of my theories and theorems and application.
To that end, while we all believe in jobs, jobs, jobs, careers, careers, careers; that is not the end goal. The end goal is a life and journey of doing what you love, and getting paid respectively to afford your level of living standards, and in doing so, respect your elders, and understand the politics; and leave the haters and manipulators outside your circle of trust.
Finally, just try to do something good and if you believe in it, keep at it and don't give up.
REF 1: https://greensoftware.foundation/
REF 2: https://greensoftware.foundation/articles/what-is-green-software 
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