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Programming Languages to consider and explore while learning including SQL JSON RDBMS


by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Tuesday, March 15, 2022

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Trecia Kat from twitter asks, "As a developer, how many programming languages do you know?"
My recommendations are:
1. learn to compile most languages, C, C++, C#, VB, Python, troubleshoot build problems dependencies security models
2. Learn SQL integration with mySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, Postgres, Mondo, Cassandra
3. Pick your prototype vs production languages; C# vs VB
optional bonus: C++/Rust/Java your languages will depend mostly on open vs closed source versus industry; enterprise/private sector vs academia vs government
PS. I add as a side note; data i/o integration into your develop goes beyond File I/O to JSON streaming to client/server RDBMS needs. I always explore and prototype the front, middle, and back ... "end" types of solutions in a VM or test system which one can wipe and start over on a weekly or monthly basis. I use VMs to test develop prototypes in various languages and when I go to production with it; I port and convert to a production level language. While there are many solutions and languages and methods; your toolkit that you develop and create over time becomes your own personal framework and approach; keep it extensible and open to refactoring your thinking.
REF 1: https://twitter.com/TreciaKS/status/1503993160577560580
REF 2: https://twitter.com/GGPCTU/status/1504101078530371587 
more to come...

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