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Windows temporary profile created for no reason - solution

Microsoft Windows

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Saturday, March 5, 2022

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Yesterday afternoon while doing a data recovery and analysis, my Windows 10 machine I rebooted and went to login and a Temporary (c:\users\temp) profile was created.
I did the HKLM nt profile list .bak and .old switch-a-roo and that did not work. After two or three attempts, and since I did have my Administrator account enabled and it was working, so I decided to change that account login password using at the cmd prompt net user {username} *, and that worked, even though I had set net accounts /maxpwage:unlimited a long time ago. Weird. Well, voila, my login finished successfully and my profile came back. What the?!
Well, now I know a new thing besides doing the following that did nothing except take an hour or two out of my afternoon.
1. sfc did not work
2. dism did not work
3. safe mode did not work
4. windows updates did not work
5. antivirus scan did not work
6. changing the user from admin to user and back to admin did not work
7. alas, the change password of the account from the administrator login worked... ugh.. weird..
note: this was a local account with admin privileges, not an online ms account.

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