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Special Projects worth noting

by Mountain Computers Inc., Publication Date: Thursday, February 17, 2022

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The special projects worth noting this 2022:
1. ongoing sqlite dictionary wordy puzzles project
2. building cool systems that are cost effective and fast project
3. DNS W3C open data analysis project
4. ggcptu performance testing ongoing opportunity with gsfcommunity project
5. overall systems performance and usability ergonomics project
other notable yet not primary in my computing systems engineering IT leg:
a. supply chain management observation project
b. business development design optimization and operations ongoing analysis and digest project
c. information security and other types of privacy and encryption projects
projects that are on the shelf and not being actively worked on:
v.  the life and times of nester story
w. the appellant story
x. mystery chess hybrid design game
y. is it me, my pc utility
z. mandalas graphics project
other projects that are on and off the drawing board:

• alpha 1
• beta 2
• gamma 3

more to come...

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